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6 Top Gins that need Nothing more than Tonic

Star of Bombay Becketts, Burleigh, Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin, Bloom, Becketts London Dry Gin

In this weeks blog we conduct a gin review of 6 fantastic gins that need nothing more than a splash of tonic water

Star of Bombay

With a punchy juniper hit, earthy angelica notes and fresh zingy coriander Star of Bombay is a warm and robust gin. It’s botanical list includes bergamot and ambrette seed and overall this is a much more intense gin than the original Bombay Sapphire with a lingering finish.

It’s bottled at 47.5% ABV so it packs a punch in more than one way

To Serve: it needs nothing more than a plain tonic water and perhaps a twist of orange peel


This is a bold and interesting gin. It is smooth, earthy and crisp.

Distiller Jamie Baxter (who built and ran the Chase distillery in Herefordshire) was inspired to make this spirit after a wander in Burleigh Wood in Leicestershire, where he spotted silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry and iris and wondered how these botanicals would combine in a gin.  The result is the taste of a woodland, pine with fresh and clear notes of eucalyptus, a crisp citrus edge. It’s warming, with robust woody, earthy flavours.

To Serve : a plain tonic water and a twist of lemon peel

Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

This is most definitely  a gutsy gin. It is full-bodied, with peppery, ginger notes. It is full-bodied, smooth and a great winter tipple. It has very subtle citrus notes with complex aromatics.

This is a gin for sitting in a wing back armchair; next to a crackling fire with fine company. If you are drinking this you will feel you are enjoying the very best of the winter season.

To Serve

Nothing more than tonic


First launched in July 2013, this raspberry-steeped gin has a pretty pink hue; which leads you to expect it to taste sweet. Thankfully, it’s not, there are distinctive juniper notes in the background and the fruitiness is subtle. It a light, easy-drinking style of gin; that makes it a good one to try on those insane individuals who claim to not like gin.

To serve:  just tonic, ice and a slice



This is a lovely, slightly sweet gin. Light floral  with traditional perfume and earthy aromas, make it a great tipple to enjoy over nibbles and with salads and light pasta dishes. The predominant notes are chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle and it is delicious served with strawberries.

To serve:  works well with Feverfew aromatic tonic or else plain tonic and a sprig of mint

Becketts London Dry Gin

Featuring juniper picked from Box Hill in Surrey and mint grown in London, this is a cool, crisp gin that is refreshing and aromatic. Love the mint finish and if you like a juniper flavour this gin is for you.

To serve: a simple tonic water is enough.

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