About Us

Named after the 1940’s comedy which details the pet peeves that a wife has with her husband, The Trouble with Husbands was launched as a blog in 2016, with the concept that there is never a problem in life that doesn’t seem slightly better after a cocktail or two.

In the beginning the site concentrated on vintage cocktail recipes but after four years it has grown into an online magazine that covers recipes, lifestyle and the history of drinks and drinkers.

The Trouble with Husbands is run by food and drink historian, Seren Charrington-Hollins.

The magazine is fun, creative and colourful, being based upon the concept that food and drink is underpinned by memory and emotion.

A quarterly magazine and cocktail training course is available via subscription, but you are also welcomed to enjoy the free articles on the site.

Cosmopolitan cocktail prepared at the bar.

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Inspired by a social and cultural fascination with drink and drinkers this magazine provides an interesting look at history and our historic love affair with the demon drink.

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