Meet The Team

Founder and Writer

Seren is a professional Food & Drink Historian and has a great passion for sharing the hidden histories behind Britain's long and illustrious drinking traditions.  

She regularly appears on television and radio talking about the fascinating histories of our most beloved foods and drinks. 

A published author and self confessed book worm!

Bartender Extraordinaire & Regular Contributor

Mark is a professional bartender with plenty of experience under his belt. He oozes enthusiasm and loves nothing better than creating new cocktail combinations.

It must be said that he is incredibly knowledgeable and mixes a mean cocktail.

Assistant Editor and Chief Taster

Stephen has a great eye for detail and is invaluable in the Trouble with Husband Team. Always, up for a challenge, Stephen's tasks are varied  within the magazine. 

With many years experience in the restaurant and hospitality sector, Stephen has a keen interest in wines and spirits, with a particular talent for paring drinks with food.


Dazzling Rebel & Cocktail Aficionado

Silvester is always ready for a night on the tiles. He is suave, sophisticated and always dressed to impress.

A self confessed party animal, Silvester’s interest in cocktails stems from the need of liquid liberation before a night on the razzle. When it comes to mixing cocktails he is cool and cultured and he is full of natural flair and talent. Indeed this silver-tongued operator makes a super smooth cocktail.

Before a night on the tiles, Silvester recommends:


Old Fashioned Authority & Sage

Hank takes life in his stride and has the steadiest hands for pouring a drink in the business.

His long term study of being a troubled husband has led to him becoming a great authority on mixing an Old Fashioned with skill and stealth. When he is not mixing or drinking a cocktail, Hank can be found sharing his pearls of wisdom on marriage and positive thinking.

Hank recommends mixing & sipping:


Tropical Cocktail Connoisseur & 1980’s Wine Buff

Margaret is a late comer to the world of cocktails, having been an avid drinker of tea for most of her life. She is a proud housewife, good home cook and makes excellent sausage rolls.

In the 1980’s Margaret did hobnob with Nigel, a manager from Victoria Wines and this led to many a cultural evening of fondue and Chardonnay, but things got a bit heavy when he got serious and started suggesting Beaujolais Nouveau parties. Margaret gave Nigel the elbow and went back to her old ways of drinking Blue Nun with Sunday dinner and having a glass of Babycham on special occasions.

It was only in later years that this glamorous gran discovered the wonder of cocktails. After studying the art of cocktail making with The Trouble with Husbands, she became a bit of an expert in knocking back exotic mixed drinks. She became such an authority on tropical cocktails and those that feature outlandish garnishes that she joined our team.

Margaret recommends these glamourous cocktails:


Cocktail Extraordinaire & Supreme Cocktologist

Italian born Matteo could be described as a global nomad, having spread his wings far and wide. His dalliance with foreign isles has earned him an enviable knowledge of far flung cocktails and exotic drink combinations.

He is an enthusiastic cocktail educator and loves nothing more than to take his work home.

Matteo is a great comfort to those suffering the slings and arrows of troublesome husbands as he has frequently run into trouble with them himself. Never before in the history of cocktail making has a more flamboyant and assured cocktail creator ever existed.

Matteo mixes it up with these cocktails:

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