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A Taste of the Canary Islands:  MACARONESIAN GIN

I know that I shouldn’t be swayed by the aesthetics of the bottle, but Macaronesian Gin’s bottle really gives it a sense of being special and lends to a sense of expectation on the tasting front. It comes in a white stone bottle that wouldn’t look out of place in an up market albeit vintage pharmacy. Thankfully, it taste lives up to it’s good looks.

This is the only gin made on the Canary Island and it is made with lava-filtered water, native juniper berries and Canarian citrus peel and it is lovely to enjoy a gin where the botanicals included in it are found naturally in its place of creation.

The flavour of this gin does not disappoint. It’s a  smooth, fresh and delicate, yet fruity gin with distinct herbal hints from island juniper and cardamom. To me it has almost a hint of angelica and is the perfect drink to enjoy in the warm, balmy weather of the Canary Islands.

To me this is a gin that requires no additions and is best served with a plain tonic and a slice of lime.

Definitely a new addition to my home bar.

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