The Velvet Drain Pipe

There has been the Black Velvet cocktail made with dark stout and topped with champagne and there has been the cocktail known as the Drainpipe which is a curious affair made with Irish Cream, green Curacao and topped up with cola, but these cocktails need to step aside as we have now invented a whole new cocktail known as the Velvet Drainpipe. 

Recently the route to the top of the Civil Service has been described as a ‘velvet drainpipe’ with those from  under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds having to navigate and master ‘unwritten rules’ in order to progress.  It has been revealed by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC)  that almost three-quarters of senior officials come from privileged backgrounds and that it is hard for those from working class, disadvantaged or minority backgrounds to rise to the top because they need to crack a ‘secret code’ in order to fit in. Not being able to discuss the theatre or drop Latin phrases into conversation means that climbing the ladder is hard and working class civil servants are often left feeling alienated and blocked.  Indeed an analysis of more than 300,000 civil servants showed that just 18 per cent of the senior Civil Service come from a disadvantaged background compared to 72 per cent from a privileged one. 

Sadly, we don’t have the solution to the velvet drainpipe, but we have took to the cocktail cupboard to help those who don’t speak the same ‘secret code’ as their posher peers and have created a cocktail to bridge the gap….no need to quote Latin phrases, holiday in exotic locations or even mix in the right circles, this cocktail is a secret code breaker or at least an ice-breaker, but best of all it tastes like Black Forest Gateaux and surely a Black Forest Gateaux is a dessert that is socially mobile!

The Velvet Drainpipe Cocktail

1 shot Rubis Chocolate Red wine
1 Shot White Rum
1/2 shot Black Forest Cherry Schnapps
Shake with Ice….strain into a glass and top up with pink Italian sparkling wine
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