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The Architecture of the Cocktail: Constructing The Perfect Cocktail From The Bottom Up (Hardback): by Amy Zavatto, Melissa Wood

I tend to be happy experimenting when it comes to the creation of cocktails, but then there are the classics that really deserve careful attention and this is where this book is fantastic. It is a book for the precise cocktail mixer as it focuses upon on the exact measurements to make the perfect drink as well as the recommended garnish and flourishes. After reading this book you’ll no longer have to guess what a cocktail should taste like and you’ll be acquainted with the exact measurements from the bottom of your glass to the top, what glass to choose, what brand of liquor to use and which order to mix the drink in. This is a great book for learning the correct way to prepare the perfect cocktail, but it won’t stop me itching to experiment…after-all rules are there to be broken!

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