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Blue Bottle Gin – Look for Beauty Everywhere

Blue Bottle Gin comes from the Three Fingers Distillery on the Island of Guernsey and it is a multifaceted drink.  Being not too heavy on the juniper makes it a gin that will keep your taste buds occupied, as they decipher the delicate notes from the botanicals that include, cubeb pepper, juniper, nutmeg and even local gorse flowers.

This gin does not disappoint. It is a gin that you just want to go and drink. The integration of locally-sourced gorse flowers add a rich, coconut  and vanilla, this combined with the juniper, nutmeg and cubeb make for a slightly spicy yet, clean and crisp gin. It’s a delight served with minimum fuss : a plain tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon.

The gin takes its name when the creator  and Blue Bottle Gin’s Master Distiller   Matt Polli who spent a summer at Cambridge University on a Royal Society internship studying insects,  and more specifically, blue bottle flies. Under the microscope, he discovered what many of us irritated by such a pest would not expect: great beauty  Indeed the indigo wings of the blue bottle shimmered with intricate patterns that are often missed. The intricacy and beauty of the blue bottle, signalled to Matt that beauty can be found in everything and everywhere, hence the brands tagline – ‘’look for beauty everywhere’’.

What is certain is you don’t have to look far to discover the beauty in this particular gin!

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