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Bombay Sapphire – the gin that made me a gin drinker

It was the 90’s when I first sampled Bombay Sapphire gin, back then it’s name was not so widely whispered in bars, indeed gin was not experiencing it current popularity.

Only having sampled the likes of Beefeater and Gordon’s Gin, Bombay became an instant favourite with me and I must say that over twenty years on it still is.

With its distinctive blue bottle, Bombay Sapphire has been around since 1987 (with Bacardi taking the brand over in 1997), and it is distilled using a “carterhead” still, meaning the botanicals do not come into direct contact with the alcohol but are suspended in a wire basket above the liquid and the flavours released by vapour alone.

This process makes for a less aggressively flavoured spirit, that makes for a smooth, warm and spicy gin with a slightly liquorice aftertaste. There’s a trace of citrus, but the dominant botanicals are cinnamon, cassia bark with a hint of angelica, grains of paradise and of course juniper.

With its smooth, crisp finish I can’t help feel that Bombay Sapphire has played its art in the current gin revival.

In conclusion it does exactly what a gin should do: it makes a jolly good gin and tonic and an excellent dry martini!

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